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Brain Drain is the migration of skilled human resorces for trade  education Health care and other sectors. 

Trained health professionals医療従事者 are needed in every part of the world.

However better standards of living draw many of them to more developed countries.

Others decided to make the move (act) because of better remuneration (reward) or for access to advanced modern technology.

For some the stable political conditions in the developed countries attract Talent from less developed areas the majority of migration is from developing to developed countris.

This is of growing concern worldwide 懸念を世界的に because of its impact on the Healthcare system健康管理システム  in developing countries.

These countries have invested in the Education and Training of young health professionals.

This translates into a loss of considerable resorces この事はないかなりの資源損失を引き起こすwhen these people migrate with the benefit accruing to the recipient  State who have not forked out  to educate them.これらの人々が教育するための金をださなかったところの受け取り団体に蓄積する利益をもたらす時

The intellectuals知識人 of any country are some of the most expensive resorces  最も高価な資源の一部because of their training in terms of material cost材料費に関して

 and time and most importantly  because of lost opportunity.

In 2000almost  175 million people or two 2.9 percent of the world population were living outside their country of birth for more than a year of these about 65 million were economically active form of migration has in the past involved many health professionals nurses and Physicians have sought employment  abroad for many reasons including high unemployment in their home country. 


Q3 Why does Brain Drain happen? D E


A money

B promotion oppotunity

C working with the professional 

D quality life

E state of top art equjpment

F political advancement

G unemployment


Q4 what problem does the brain draw cause developing country? Choose one letter.

A resentment ,,being angry

B loss of facilities

C conflict between remaining professionals.. that of coworkers

D loss of reputation.. demotion

E loss of money..bankruptcy

F loss of  materials.. disaster

E... a loss of considerable resouces

Q5 complete the sentence no more than one, one word or number., 


In 2000,  65  million people who were living outside the country of origin for more than one year, were employed.