----1.Today’s lesson is the text book, 'Touchstone3’ unit11, ’impressions’,`that`s must be fun`.

Tips# I see..you can use ` I see`to show you understand something that you didn`t know earlier. なるほど

you see..you can use `you see` to explain something that the other person might not know.   何故なら


2.Here is a talk from Radio Eikaiwa.

Topic ashame, relief, can`t see what it goes, confusing.

A couple, Casper and alexis are talking.

a Casper, what do you think of this bag? Give me your honest opinion of it.

b Honestly, it looks kind of cheep.

a Exactly. But look at the picture of it on the website.

b That picture makes it look expensive!

a I bought it online from these guys.

b They should be ashamed of theselves!

a I agree. I am ashamed of myself for falling for that trick.

b Why don`t you ask for a refund?

a They are very sneaky.  It says they don`t do refunds. All sales are final.

b What?

key sentence I`m ashamed of myself for falling for that trick.

I`m ashamed of my mistake, what I did.

I`m ashamsd to be seen here. Shame on you!

Have you on shame? You have no sense of shame!

I`m embarassed. That`s embarrassing. It embarrasses me to admit I was wrong.

I`m embarrassed of how I behaved last night. I said things I now regret.

Shame on you! Those cockies were  for your little brother. How could you eat them?

I had something i. between my teeth this whole time. I`m so embarrassed!


Deepack and Barbara are talking.

a So, Deepak. You were worried about your taxes. Did you go to the city office?

b Yes, I did. I found out I don`t have to pay much.

a That`s good news.

b Yes, it`s  a huge weight off my shouldes. I thought I would have to pay more.

a You should hire an accountance?

b I`ve been thinking about that for a while. Do you know anybody good?

a I can ask around.

b You are always so helpful, Barbara.

a Well, I do what I can.

key sentence it`s huge weight off my shoulders.

That`s a load off my mind.I feel so much lighter now. What a relief! I can finally relax.

Calm down. Easy, easy. Get a grip. get a bold kf yourself.

You will talk to Andy for me?

It`s a huve lff my shoderz.Thank you so much.

The meeting is canceled? What a relief! I wasn`t

ready for it all.

Chill out , Kyle. It`s just a video game. There is no need to get angry.


Cynthia and Dereck are talking.

a Hello?

b Hi, Cynthia. It`s Dereck. Sorry to call you so out of the blue.

a No problem, Dereck. How have you been?

b Fine, but I have been bored. I was thinking about returning to the band.

a Um, I have to tell you something. I`m no longer the manager for the Desperates Rats.

b What happened?

a I quit. I have decided to become a teacher.

b Wow, I had no idea.

a That`s what Bill said too.

b Things are still up in the air, though.

key sentence things are still up in the air, though.

Things are still in motion. Let`s wait for the dust to settle. Try again after things calm down a bit.

Give it time to settle down.

Let`s wait a bit.

I may to move next year, but things are still up in the air.

I`m sorry Holly snapped at you. She is under  a lot of stress. Please talk to her after things calm down a bit.

Let`s wait a bit. The problem might go away naturally.


Doug and Synthia are talking.

a Shiho, I`m back. I got the origami paper. Is this the right kind?

b That`s perfect. Doug. Thank you!

a This paper is kind of expensive. Are you sure you need 100 sheets?

b Yes. I want to make at least 100 cranes for our eco-tour guests.

a Why bother? It`s not worth the effort.

b It`s not that hard, Doug. People will love it.

a Well, I wish I could help you, Shiho, but I`m no good at that kind of stuff.

b That`s OK. I enjoy it.

key sentence  why bother?

Why bother dressing up,to xress up?

I can`t  be bothered to clean my room.

It`s tko much work,trouble. It`s not worh the effort, it, watching. I don`t see the value in it.

Why even worry about that? What`s in it for me?

Why bother making a reservation?

That restaurant is never full.

It`s too much trouble.

Why wrap a present when I can just put it in a gift bag.

It`s not worth watching.The action is really bad, and the CG is polrly done.


Today`s speech is a talk about Radio Eikaiwa. 

Topic is surprising, unbelievable.

Two shogi club members,Sota and Masami are talking about alien, Zaytox.

a Hi, Masami. Where`s Zaytox?

b He`s taking a walk. He said he was bored.

a But, what if somebody sees him?

b He`s wearing a costume. People will think he is a mascot of some kind.

a Yeah, he kind of looks like one.

b Right. He is big and round. I could hardly believe my eyes when I first saw him.

a It is also unbelievable that he beat the AI shogi program.

b Now he wants to play against people online.

a Zaytox really loves shogi.

key sentence I could hardly believe my eyes when I first saw him.

This meaning is surprising.

I was surprised to hear the news.

The news was surprising. Tbat`s unbelievable, incredible. it`s unbelievable that

Can you believe that? I can believe it.

I was blown away when I heard he won.

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw my test score.A perfect 100!

It is unbelievable that a house this big was so affordable. How did you find?

I lost my appointment because I was 5minutes late. Can you  believe that?


music teacher, Ms.Jetz and Mr.Smith are talking.

Mr.Sith was going to Vienna, but he didn't go there.

a Hi, Mr.Smith. Well, aren`t you in a good mood?

b  Oh, I entered a song in a concert online and..

I won a free plane ticket to Vienna.

a You`ve got been kidding me! No way!

b I was surprised, too. I `ve never won anything before in my life.

a It must be a sign.  Now you have absolutely no excuse not to go.

b Yes, Vienna waits for me.

a All that`s left is to pack your bags.

b That should be easy enough. I travel light.

Key sentence you have got to be kiddying me. No way.

This means  huge surprising thing.

Are you joking? You`re kidding , right?

No way!  Don`t tell me. You can`t be serious.

Get outta here!Get out!

You`ve got be kidding me! That`s the same school I went to!

No way! You pazsed the driver`s exam on your first attempt? It took me three times.

You fi.ished that video game already? Get out!

It was oy released two days ago.


Ivan and Abby are playing online game.

a Ivan, can you come here for a second?

b Sure, Abby. What`s up?

a Look at this. There`s some new player who is beating everyone in the world.

b Wow, they are good. They are at No 3 right now.

a And they are going to reach No1 soon.

b That can`t be right. Nobody can beat the world champion. Who is this guy?

a The avater name is Vegan1. He could be a she, too.

b Oh, that`s an interesting name. Whatever they are, I guess they don`t eat meat.

a Yeah, maybe.

key sentence that can`t be right.

This means big surprising thing.

That can`t be possible. That can`t be.

There is no way that is true, that is possible, that happened.

How can that be? How on the earth did you do that? This meat is actually tofu. I`m sorry what?

That can`t be right. We had record sales last quarter. How are we losing money?

You shouldn`t make this cake by yourself.

There is no way you made this cake all by yourself. Who helped you?

You saw a dodo bird? How can that be?

They are supposed to  be extinct.


A couple are talking about centipede.

a Doug! What`s wrong?

b Oh, I just saw a huge centipede on the floor.

It scared me.

a Yes, the insect here on this island can get very large.

b I` ve never seen a centipede that big in my life.

a You have to be careful. Doug. Sometimes, they are venomous.

b My heart is racing. Bugs creep me out.

a That`s the downside of life on an island. But there are a lot of pluses too.

b I know. We take the good with the bad.

key sentence it scared me.

This means large surprising thing.

I`m scared. That`s scary. The story frightened me. I'm frightened. That`s frightening.

I`m afraid , terrifled, scared lf spiders, failing.

I was paralyzed, froze. with fear.

Ek! You scared me! Don`t sneak up on me like that!

I was frightened by the sound of the rice cooker.

I forgot it was turned on.

I`m afraid of swimming in the sea. Anything could be in the water, you know?



1.Today’s lesson is the text book, 'Touchstone3’ unit11, ’impressions’,’speculating’-`ups and downs`-`that must be fun`.

Tips# somehow I can`t get myself to do.. なぜかみに入らない

Tips# let me know if ..



2.Here is a talk from Radio Eikaiwa.

Topic is feeling, have second thought,

hesitate, confused, have no idea what to do now.

MISS Jetz and Mr. Smith are talking about going to Vienna.

a Good morning, Ms.Jetz.

b Good morning, Mr. Smith. Formal today, aren`t we?

a Yes, I like to be formal at the beginning of the year.

b Ah, yes, you are a very proper person, I know.

a I try to be.

b So, I have been dying to ask you. How was Vienna?

a I didn`t go to Vienna.

b What? I told you to go!

a I`m having second thoughts about going, actually.

b Why? What`s the problem?

a It doesn`t feel right.

key sentence I`m having second thoughts about going.

I`m hesitatant to do that. I hesitate to do that.

I`m not ready to do that. I`m not ready for that.

I`m still on the fence about that. It`s still on the fence about that. It`s a complicated issue.

I`m having second thoughts. It is really expensive to travel right now.

I`m not ready to talk about that. I don`t know all the fact yet.

I hesitate to say what I think. I don`t want to hurt your feelings.


Barbara and Hiroki are talking about buying a condominium.

a So, Hiroki. As you can see it, they made the closet wilder.

b Wow, it`s great! It`s much bigger now.

a Yes, but I want you know that this was a special case. Usually, we don`t do this.

b You mean, changing the apartment for a potential buyer?

a Yes, it`s extremely rare. So it`s time for your decision. Don`t hesitate.

b OK, I`ll take it!

a Very good. You know what they say. He who hesitates is lost.

b I hadn`t heard that before.

a Well, it`s true.

key sentence don`t hesitate.

Don`t think twice about asking for help.

You shouldn`t shy away from talking about it.

Don`t flinch from your responsibilities.

What are you waiting for?

What`s stopping you?

What`s holding you back?

He who hesitates is lost.

Oppotunity doesn`t knock twice.

Don`t hesitate to give your opinion.

You`re here because we want new ideas.

Don`t think twice about accepting the job. He hesitates is lost.

What are you waiting for? You`ll never get another chance as good as this one.


Barbara and Indian restaura.t shef, Deepack are talking about losing appetite.

a So, Barbara. This time you`ve finished all your curry.

b Yes, it was sublime.

a I`m glad to see you`ve got your appetite back.

b Yes, I`m back to my normal self.

a Speaking of losing one`s appetite, now I`m worry about something.

b What`s wrong?

a Well, I got this letter from the city government.

What should I do?

b Can I see it?

a Sure, I`m confused by it.

b It`s something about taxes. but my Japanese isn`t that good. So I can`t say for sure. You should go to the government office directly.

key sentence I`m confused by it.

His explanations are confusing.

I was bewildered, perllexed, baffled by their decision.

My thinking is messed up. The situation has messed up. I can`t make heads or tails of this.

My mind is all over the place.

Wait, I`m confused. It sounds you want to break up with me. Is that what you`re saying? I can say for sure.

I`m so lost. These instructions are so confusing. I have no idea what to do next.

I can`t make heads or tails of his message.

What is he asking me to do?


Hiroki asks some advice for a fortune teller, Hiroko.

a Hiroki, welcome back. I had a feeling you`d be back here today.

bHow did you know?

a I`ve been doing this work for many years, I know.

b Interesting. Well, I need your advice again.

a Sit down. Please go ahead.

b Well, I signed a contract to buy a new condominium.

a But now you had second thoughts, right?

b Yes, exactly. Today my company told me they are reducing my bonus! I have no idea what to do now.

a It`s not surprising.

key setntence I have no idea what to do now.

I don`t know I`m at a loss as to, I`m drawing a blank as to, what to do.

What am I going to do? What should I do?

What do you think I should do?

The dead line is tomorrow, but I haven`t even started. I don`t know what to do.

My phone keeps telling me to change my password for some reason. What should I do?

I`m drawinga blank as to what to do. Can you give me some advice?



Today`s speech is a talk about Radio Eikaiwa. 

Topic is love feeling, interesting feeling, indifferent feeling, happy feeling. 

Roxy`s parents are talking about her boyfriend.

a Adam, have you noticed anything unusual about Roxy lately?

b Unusual? No, she seems really happy.

a That is what I mean. She is never that happy.

I think she has a crush on Masaru.

b Masaru? I didn`t think he is her type.

a Well, they both have a thing for anime. They go to movies together.

b Now that you mention it, she did buy some new clothes recently.

a What do you think of Masaru?

b He seems like a nice guy. I wouldn`t worry about it.

key sentence she has a crush on Masaru.

Have a crush on..熱をあげる

I liks you. I care about you. Is he into me?

I`m in love with you. I have fallen for you.

I have a thing for you. I have feelings for you.

I `m heard over heels for her.

Tbe like each other. they are in love. They love each other.

I care about you. Do you feel the same?

Aww, you have a crush on her, don`t you?

Your face lights up whenever she enters the room.

If you have feeling for him, you bave to tell him.

Don`t keep that bottld up inside.


Roxy and Masaru are talking at Akihabara.

a Wow, Masaru, I haven`t been here in a while.

Look at all the anime figure shops.

b  I know, Roxy. I want to look at all of them.

a There are other things in this town too.

b What kind of things?

a um, old electronics stores.

b Oh,  yeah? I`m interested in that kind of stuff.

a My dad is too. He used to come here often when he was younger.

b Oh, I thought he was interested in cocking.

a My dad has lots of hobbies.

key sentence I am interested in that kind of stuff.

Be interested in…

Your reserch interests me.

That`s interesting.

I`m interested by your idea.

You have piqued my inte


I`m curious about your findings.

I`m listening. I`m all ears.

Go on. Tell me more. Oh, really? Do tell. Pray tell.

I`m interested in the history of this castle. When was it  built?

I`m curious about who made this. Was it ancient humans? Or perhaps alien?

Tell me more about yourself. How did you come to live in Japan?


Two android robots are talking about androids.

a I like this library, Jeannie. It`s very quiet and peaceful here.

b Yes, I like sitting outside on these deck chairs.

a I have been reading some science-fiction books. They mention us.

b Us?

a Yes, many of these books have androids in them.

b Who cares? Besides, I don`t like the word android.

a But the androids in these books act like  humans.

b I don`t care. I dont`t want to be called an android in the first place.

key sentence who cares?

This phrase means indifference.

who cares about that, a little scratch, getting first place.

I don`t care, that doesn`t matter.

That is none of my business. that`s irrelevant to me.

I don`t want to get involved.

I have zero interest in... No one cares. I couldn`t care less about..

Who cares about what people say? Don`t listen to them. Follow your passion.

I won`t ask about your personal life. That`s none of my business.

I couldn`t care less about one review on a website.You can`t please everyone.


Two astrunts are talking about earth.

a Akira, you look like a totally different person now.

b Really? How so?

a You are always smiling. You`ve been on cloud nine ever since you got back.

b Yes, I`m so happy to be back on earth.

a I know the feeling. Look at this blue sky.

b I`ll never take a blue sky for granted again.

Humans don`t realize how lucky they are.

a That`s right. We need to take better care of our planet.

b Exactly. This is the only home we`ve got.

key sentence I`m so happy to be back on earth.

Be happy

I`m happy that you are here. I`m happy to help you.

I`m glad to know you. I`m delighted. I`m over the moon, on cloud nine.

I`m happy to offer whatever help I can give. You`ve got my help.

I`m glad you are making friends at your new school.

Did you hear?  John got accepted to Hiroto University. He is on cloud nine!



1.Today’s lesson is the text book, 'Touchstone3’ unit10, ’Review’,’Reading’


2.Here is a talk from Radio Eikaiwa.

Topic is likeness, dislikeness.

Jeannie and Franky are talking.

a Do you come to this park often?

b I do sometimes when I need inspiration.

a Inspiration?

b Yes, being in nature helps me come up with idears.

a I see. It`s very peaceful here. I love English garden.

b Yes, there`s nothing quite like a English garden.

a Are they better than those in other countries?

b Well, I think so. There`s just something about them.

a I didn`t know you were such a romantic, Brendan.

b Of course I am.

key sentence I love English garden.

This phrase means likeness.

I love English gardens, your tie, Ken.

Try this cake. You`ll love it!

I fond of Ken, reading.

I`m crazy about bonsai.

I enjoy, am a fan of, am partial to.

I`m attatched to this sweater, to successful people. I adore your dress!

I like old cameras.To me, there`s something mavical about them.

My grandfather was fond of this larm. He would come hers everh Sunday.

I really enjoh billiards. It`s a classic game that requjres skill rather than strength.


Bob, painter and Sally, his student are talking.

a Sally, is this your watercolor painting?

b Yes, how do you like it?

a I think it`s your best so far. They just get better and better.

b Thanks. That`s good to hear.

a I have noticed something. You often paint paintings with horses in them. Like this one.

b I have a passion for horses. I love riding.

a Really? I didn`t know you rode horses.

b I rarely do these days. I used to ride often when I was a little girl.

a Well, that explains it.

key sentence I have a passion for  horses.

This phrase means likeness.

I have a weakness, a soft spot a thing, a liking for sweets.

I take pleasurein cocking for others.

I derive satisfaction from having a clean house.

I`m into, hooked on, addicted to yoga.

I like soccer with a passion.

I have a passion for gardening. I grow all the vegetable I eat.

Do you take pleasure in helping others?

A career in physical therapy may be right for you.ook at that guy`s T-shirt. He must be really into the Desperate Rats.


Doug and Sbiho are talking.

a Doug, Our eco-tourism  business is really taking off!

b Yeah, I didn`t realize so many people wanted to visit our island.

a And we are getting lots of customers from abroad.

b I guess my posts in English were effective.

a Yes, they made a big diffrence. Hey, let`s celebrate. I`ll make dinner tonight. what would you like?

b Goya champuru.

a The Okinawan dish? You like it? Goya isn`t really my cup of tea.

b Really? I love it.

b OK, I`ll make some espeially for you.

key sentence goya is not really my cup of tea.

This phrase means dislikeness

I didn`t like dogs. I dislike dogs. I hate dogs.

I can`t stand, bear the stress. That`s bad, terrible, awful, vile.

That`s not for me. That`s not really my thing.

Hiking isn`t my cup of tea. I`m

more of an indoor person.

Can wd go somewhere quieter?I cant stand the noise here.

If you want to ride the roller coasters, that`s fine. I`ll wait here.They are not for me.


Masami and alien, Zaytox are talking.

a Zaytox, are you OK?

b Yes, I`m fine, but I`m feeling bored.

a Oh, so. Vegans get bored nust like humans.

b Yes, we do.

a Why don`t we go for a drive? I can ask Carolyn. She loves driving.

b The idea of riding in cars makes me sick.

a I didn`t know Vegans had cars.

b We don`t, but in America I learned that I get carsick easily. The scientists drove me some place, and I felt sick.

a Oh.

key sentence The idea of riding in cars makes me sick.

This phrase means eject

His behavior disgusted me.

That is disgusting.

I was thoroughly disgusted with that movie.

That made my skin crawl, gave  me the creeps.

Throwing away good food makes me sick. It`s such a waste.

Get your finger out of your nose. It`s disgusting.

I got rid of that old doll. It gave me the creeps.


Today`s speech is a talk about Radio Eikaiwa. 

Topic is in future.

David and Akari are talking.

a Hi, Akari. You seem in a good mood.

b Does it show? Actually, I got some good news.

a What happened?

b I finally won tickets to Hiroto48!

a Congratulations!

b I`m so excited. The concert is this Saturday.

I`m going with my friend, who also won tickets.

Would you like to join us?

a But I don`t have a ticket.

b My friend has an extra ticket.

a OK. I`m not a fan, but it sounds like  fan.

key sentence I`m going with my friend. would you like join us?

Akari works to start something in future.

I`m going to the supermarket Won`t you come with me?

I`m leaing at 9:00tomorrow Please have a taxi reay.

I`ll get my ba. please bring the car around. OK?

You granpma is coming over tomorrow. Be on your best behavior.

Chris is attending our lecture tonight. Let`s surprise him with a cake!

Dinner`ll be ready in just a few minutes. Please wash your hands and set the table.


Jonas and Yayoi are talking.

a Hi, Joanas. Can I ask you a big favor?

b Sure, Yayoi. But I think you still owe me for the last one.

a I do?

b Just kidding.  Go ahead, ask away.

a I fly to Hawaii on Friday on business. Can you give me a ride to the airport?

b Oh, sure. What time?

a If we leave by 2p.m., it`ll give me plenty of time.

b OK, Hawaii?  You know, I love chocolate with macadamia nuts.

a I got you, Joanas.

key sentence I fly to Hawaii on Fryday on business. Can you give me a ride to the airport?

Yayoi works to start something in future.

Your flight boads at 2:10. Please have your boarding pass ready.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Have you booked a table at a top restaurant?

I`m going to Tokyo. Can you show me around?

The school year ends in two weeks. Please turn in your final projects by then.

I`m going to be in Tokushima this weekend on business. Can you recommend a place to stay?

My flight leaves at 5:45.Could you pick me up at 2:00.


Doug and Shiho are talming.

a Doug, do you have some time to talk?

b Sure.  I don`t feel like surfing today. It`s too cold out.

a Well, we are both going to be busy soon.

b Why is that?

a I`m planning to start a new business here on this island.

b What kind of business?

a I`m thinking of doing eco-tours. I`ve arranged to meet some friends who are interested.

b An eco-tourism business? Sounds interesting.

a And I need your help, Doug.

b Sure, I`ll do whatever I can.

key sentence I`m planning to start a .ew business here on this island.

Other expression in future.

I`ve arranged to meet some friends.

I` m scheduled to arrive in London on Tuesday.

The plan is to sell commemorative T-shirts.

I`m thinking of doing eco-tours.

I`m thinking we invite local celebrates.

I`m planning to start a cultural exchange program. Would you be interested in joining?

I`m scheduled to speak at the opening ceremony.What should I wear?

I`m thinming of zerving  bekko zjzhi. I think  visitors willove it.


Two Radio English program`s teachers are taking.

a Hey, David, how was this year for you?

b This has been one of the best years of my life.

a Really? Because you joined this program?

b Well, that `s one reason. There are others.

a Others?  I`m dying to hear them.  Oh, David,

Onishi-sensei is having an end of the year party on Friday.

b A bonenkai?

a Yeah. Would you be free to join us?

b Friday? Sure, I love to. I have nothing lined up.

a Onishi-sensei  lI`d love tooves a good party, you know.

b So I`ve heard.

key sentence would you be free to join us?

Rosa asks for David`s convenience.

Would you have time to...?

Could you spare some time for...?

Have you got time, a minute to spare?

Will you be able to join us?

When is convenient for you?

When is good for you?

Does that work for you?

When works for you?

All of us are having brunch together on Sunday. Would you be free to join?

I`m planning to pick you up around 7 p.m. Does that work for you?

I`m free all afternoon tomorrow.

When is convenient for you?



Today`s speech is a talk about Radio Eikaiwa. 

Topic is decision.

A real estate agent, Barbara and her boss are talking.

a So, Barbara, I understand that you have a high-potential client.

b You mean Hiroki? Yes, he`s interested in buying a condminium soon.

a Has he decited on a location?

b Yes, he looked at several renovated condos, and he is concidering one now.

a Is there an issue with it?

b Well, he is on the fence. He says the closet is too small.

a Why don`t you talk to the cotractors?  Maybe, they can enlarge it.

b Oh, I hadn`t thought about that.

key sentence  he is on the fence.

This means he is unable to decide on buying. 

I haven`t decided if I want dessert.

I don`t knlw if I`mready for marriage.

I"m in of two minds about getting a pet.

I`m torn between vanilla and chocolate ice cream.

I haven`t decided if I like this flavor. Let me try another bite.

Alex is still on the fence about our plan.Can you talk to him?

I`m not sure if I`m ready to go back to work yet.

My children are still very young.


Dr.Frank.N.Stein and android robot, Jeannie are talking.

a The christmas tree turned out great, isn`t it?

b Yes, Dr. Stein. It`s so pretty.

a You have an eye for beauty, Jeannie.

b So does Frankie. He gave me some flowers.

a I heard about that. He took some flowers from someone`s garden, right?

b Yes, he made a mistake. But he has learned. He said I won`t let you down again.

a I`m happy you are teaching him, Jeannie. I appreciate it.

b Thank you, Dr. Stein.

key sentence I won`t let you down again.

This means he makes his resolution.

I will win,return, remember, never give up, never foget this, never forgive you.

I`m going to be a writer someday, mary him someday, own a house someday, change my mind, disappoint you.

I`m determine ed to find the truth, get first place, not to fail, not to repeat my istake.

I will never do it again. I promise!

I`m going to break your heart, I swear. I love you.

I determined not to have any debt by the time I`m 40. I want to be free of that stress.


Two rock band group member, Bill and Synthia are talking.

a Cynthia, I can`t believe you are leaving us. So what are you going to do?

b I want to be a high school teacher.

a Really? I had no idea you were interested in teaching.

b It`s been on my mind for a while. I`m going to be a teacher no matter what it takes.

b I believe you, Cynthia. You can do it.

a Thanks, Bill. I`ll never forget about the Desprates Rats.

b Hey, we`ll play music for your school festival.

key sentence I want to be a teacher no matter what it takes.

This means she declares her resolution.

This mean She makes her resolution.

I`ll master English no matter how long it takes.

I won`t give up no matter what happens.

I`ll follow you whereever you go.

I`ll say no whenever you ask something of me.

I`ll do that even if it`s the last thing I do!

I`ll do that even if it kills me!

I won`t tell you no matter how many times you ask. Please give it a rest.

I`ll stay possitive whatever the critics say. I believe in myself.

I`m going to that concert even if it kills me!

It`s my dream to see them live.


Two teachers, Mr.Smith and Ms.Jet are talking.

a So, Mr.Smith, do you have any plans for winter break?

b I was thinking about going Vienna.

a You keep talking about going there, but you never go.

b I know. It has been my dream forever. It `the city of Mozart, Beethoven and Brahs.

a Just go!  It`s now or never.

This means Ms.Jet inspires Mr.Smith shy away.

b I`m planning on going, but it was hard to travel abroad at that time.

a But everything is fine now, right?

b Maybe in the spring, when it`s warmer.

a Go now!

key sentence it`s now or never

If not now,when. Seize the day.

You`ll never get a better oppotunity.

There is no time likethe present.

If you don`t do it, who will?

If you don`t do it, someone else will.

Who better than you?

What better time than now?

It`s now or never. You"ll never get a better chance to travel.

There is no timeloike the present. Go for it!Fortune favorthe bold, you know.

Look, if you don`t do it, someone else will. You will regret it every day.