Today’s speech is a lesson from Text 'touch stone2'.

Here is a talk from ラジオ英会話.
Topic is adverb, very, just because, never, always.
First story is two persons are talking about exclusive restaurant.
a Hiroki, how was your date with....what was her name again?
b Haruka. It was great. We went to an exclusive restaurant.
a Oh, which one?
b The sushi restaurant at the Hotel Onish.
a That restaurant is very expensive.
b I know, but I used the money I won in the lottery.
a What was their best dish?
b We had the Japanese Lobster coverd with gold flake.
a That does sound expensive. Was it good?
b Of course.
key sentense is That does sound expensive.
My student is very motivated.
Suddenly, it started to rain really hard.
He succeeded to try to bake scorn surprisingly.
His first attempt at baking scones was surprisingly successful.

Second story is a daughter and her father are talking about bungee jump.
a Hey, Dad, take a look at this funny photo.
b You are wearing a helmet, but you look scared. Did you go on a bike ride?
a No. This was taken before the bungee jump.
b What? You did a bungee jump? When?
a Last Sunday. My friends said I had to do it.
b You went bungee jumping just because your friends told you to?
a Yes, they said it would be fun.
b Roxy, why didn't you say anything to Mom and me?
sentence is You went bungee jumping just because your friends told you to?
He thinks he is better than us just because he is rich.
I got a bad score on the test partly because I wasn't feeling well.
In hoday's lecture, I'm going to talk only about one endangered spicies.

Third story is two shogiclub members are talking about another member.
a Masami, Is Sota OK? He never returns my calls.
b I'm sure he's OK.
a He doesn't reply to my text messages.
b He's quit the shogi club.
a I know that, but something seems strange.
b Can I have a bite of your cake?
a No! Please don't do that, Masami.
b You never let me try your food.
a Why should I? Any way what did Sota say to you?
b Nothing. Can we talk about something else?
key sentence is you never let me try your food.
I'll never lie to you again.
I love the countryside, so I hardly ever go to the big city.
My grand parents always spoil me rotten.

Last story is a student and his housemother are talking about haircut.
a Yuko, I need to get a haircut. Can you recommend a good place?
b You shoud try Saru Salon. They are always helpful and friendly.
a Do they speak English?
b Yes, the owner, Maki-san, lived in San Diego for ten years. She's fluent.
a Oh, great. It'll be my first haircut in Japan.
b You'll be surprised by the great service. They give you a shoulder massage at the end.
a Really?
b Yes, it's included in the prise.
key sentence is they are always helpful and friendly.
Are you often lated for your class?
My parents will always support me, Whaever happens.
You never enter in the Japanese house with your shoes on.


Today’s speech is a talk from ラジオ英会話.
Topic is adjective. It's usually placed before a noun, 2 adjectives are connected with a conjunction 'but', the order of 2 more overlapping adjectives, making an adjective.
Two persons are talking about unagi.
a So, this is Kanda. There are lots of restaurants in this area.
b What's that delicious smell?
a It's unagi.
b What's unagi?
a Barbecued eel.
b People eat eels?
a Yes. It's very popular, but also expensive. Would you like to try it?
b How expensive is it?
a The unagi with rice set is at least double the price of a regular lunch.
b Well, today it's my treat for all your kindness.
a Oh, thanks a lot, Thomas.
key sentence is what's that delicious smell?
Everybody is talking about your excellent presentation.
Thanks for your wonderful hospitality.
Let me show you ourlatest model. It's awesome!

Second story is 2 teachers are talking about morzart.
a Hi, Mr.Smith what are you listening to? Let me guess, Brahms?
b Oh, Ms. Jetz.
a Call me Bennie.
b OK. Bennie. I'm actually listening to Mozart's Symphony No.40.
a I love that symphony. It's a sad but beautiful piece of music. That's typical of Morzart.
b Sounds like you know a lot about classical music.
a Well I went to music college.
b That's interesting. You don't seem like a classical music lover.
a I love all kind of music, Mr. Smith.
Key sentence It's a sad but beautiful piece of music.
It was a cold but windy day.
I think it was tough but fair test.
I have a demanding but rewarding job.

Third story is 2 persons are talking about Akarenga Souko.
a So, now. we're near the port of Yokohama.
b Look at that huge old building. What's it?
a It's called Akarenga Souko or the Red Brieck Werehouse. The warehouse was built over 100 years. They've been transformed into a shopping complex.
b I love the way they preserved the original architecture.
a Me too. Hey, it's almost 6. Are you hungry?
b Yes, I'm starving.
a Great. How about dinner in China town?
b That woulx be wonderful.
key sentence is look at that huge old building.
They live in a big old house near the station.
Come and see our cute newborn kitens.
How do you like my new, pink silk blouse?

that huge old building
the small brown lizard
the beautiful silk dress
my old leather armchair

Last story is 2 previous class mates are talking about Canada.
a Hiroto, can you hear me?
b Yes, Juliet. Wow, you haven't changed at all!
a Thank, .but I've changed a lot. It's been 30 years since college.
b So where are you living now?
a I`ve lived in the western part of Canada since 1990. How about you?
b Well, I'm still in Japan, but I have a 22-year-old son, who lives in Canada. He is a professional golfer.
a What's his name?
a Yasuto. He lives in Calgary..
b That's where I am! Maybe I can meet him.
key sentence is I have a q22-year-old son, who lives in Canada.
She can eat only gluten-free food.
My narrow-minded boss won't listen to my new ideas.
My angry girl friend gave me a you'd- better- watch-what-you-say look!


Here is a talk from ラジオ英会話.
Topic is relative adverb, relative clause modification, that unrestricted usage, which unrestricted usage.
Two shogi club members are talking.
a Sota, why the serious look?
b I'm afraid I have some bad news.
a Bad news? What's it?
b I'm quitting the shogi club.
a You? why? You've always been the leader of this club.
b I know, but I have to concentrate on studying for my college exams now.
a I don't believe you, Sota.Tell me the real reason why you want to quit..
I think you know the real reason.
b Do I?
a Yes.
key sentence is tell me the real reason why you want to quit.
The reason why I'm calling is that I want to change my departure date.
I'm looking forward to the day when we can all have been together again.
I'll never forget the moment when I proposed to my wife.

Two persons are talking about futsal.
a Are those guys on the cover of that magazine playing soccer?
b No, they are playing futsal.
a What' futsal?
b It's kind of like indoor soccer. I've been playing it recently with an amateur teams.
a Oh, it sounds like good exercise. No wonder you are looking healthier these days.
b Thanks.
a So, when are you going to play next?
b I wanted to play next Sunday. But the players I hoped would play are all busy that day.
key sentence is the players I hoped would play are all busy that day.
The couple I was hoping would rent my apartment changed their mind.
The origina Picasso my fiance thought he had turned out to be a fake!
I cheked every place where I thought I could have left my keys.

Two colleagues are talking by phone.
a Hi, can you here me? It's Raji here in Bubai.
b Yes. I can hear you, Raji.
a What time is it there in Japan?
b It's 10 o'clock in the morment. What time is it there?
a It's 6:30 here. I just woke up.
b I'm sorry.
a It's OK. I wish I were in Tokyo.
b Really? Have you been here before?
a No, not, yet. But my brother Deepak, who is a chef, lives in Tokyo.
My neighbor , who is 75 year's old, ran a halh marathon yesterday.
In the summer, where it's warm and sunny, we'll have a beach holiday.
We are planning a trip to Hawaii, where we went for our honymoon.

The last story is two colleagues are talking about one's summer holiday.
a Hi, Riko. Did you have a nice summer holiday?
b Yes, it's relaxing.
a Did you go anywhere special?
b We went to Nagoya to see my parents. I hadn't seen in a while.
a So you stayed at their house?
b Actually we stayed at the Misonikomi Hotel, which is the place for miso lovers.
a Sound good. Do their dishes have miso in them?
b Many of them do. Their misonikomi udon is amazing!
a Now I'm getting hungry.
key sentence is We stayed at the Misomikomi Hotel, which is the place for miso lovers.
We went to Agra, which we can visit the Taji Mahal.
We stayed at two resort hotels, both of which were pure luxury.
Today,or my husband prepared breakfast for me, which happens only once in a blue moon.




 岩波新書 1636




1962年TBSニューススコープ 田英夫共同通信記者 (英語でanchor)

1975年度日本記者クラブ賞受賞 古谷綱正 元新聞記者

1974年NHKニュースセンター9磯村尚徳 記者出身

1985年ニュースステーション 久米宏 元TBSアナ

















(1)キャスターの役割 視聴者と取材者の橋渡し役






この橋渡しは言葉で行われる。 映像が直接的に視聴者の感覚に飛び込むのに対してキャスターはあくまで言葉を媒介にして視聴者に向き合うことになる。


(2)キャスターの役割 自分の言葉で伝える



(3)キャスターの役割 言葉探し


例 犯罪被害者、ウーマノミクス


(4)キャスターの役割 インタビュー










2014年7月3日『集団的自衛権 菅官房長官に問う』閣議決定憲法解釈の変更を行い、集団自衛権の部分的行使を可能にしたことについてインタビューした。安全保障に関わる大きなテーマだったが、与えられた時間は長くなかった。私はこの憲法解釈の変更漠然とした不安が広がっている世論の流れを強く意識していた。視聴者は今政府に何を一番聞いてほしいか。その思いを背に私は何にこだわるべきか考えた。私のインタビューは様々なメディアで首相官邸周辺の不評を買ったとの報道がなされた。まだまだ「聞くべきことはきちんと聞く、繰り返し聞く」ことには様々な困難が伴うのだろうか。








一方、翌日の12月6日「格安運賃は可能か~相次ぐ航空会社設立」ゲスト竹中平蔵さん。以降「個人資産1200兆円を狙え」、「格付けはこうして行われる」、「脱接待 日本の社会は変わるか」、「外国金融商品とどうつきあうか~問われる投資家保護」グローバル化、自由化、金融資本主義が経済の牽引役として影響力を強めていく中で、強い市場の圧力に日本企業は退場を迫られるかもしれないというプレッシャーもあり、海外ルール、グローバルスタンダードを素早く取り込むことこそ生き残り策との主張をする旗手が竹中さん。この二人のゲストが連続して登場したことは当時の社会の二つの流れを象徴するものだった。失って良いものと失ってはいけないもの。どんな影響を個人や社会がにもたらすか。ゆっくり考えながら進むことが許されない空気が充満していた。その後、1999年4月「退職金・企業年金が危ない~国際会計基準 企業の苦悩」を最後に竹中さんは2年後小泉内閣の経済財政政策担当大臣入閣。

一方、内橋さんは雇用をテーマにした2001年10月「さらば正社員 主役はパート」2002年1月「急増 一日契約で働く若者たち」、2002年5月「会社の中で独立します~広がる個人事業主」、2002年12月「高速を走る過労トラック」に出演している。雇用状況は賃金が下がっていくだけでなく、人件費はいつの間にか調整可能なコストへと変わっていった。厳しい競争の中で安く効率よく作れる場所で生産を競い合う企業。こうした中で地域経済の衰退が加速していった。多くの人々が不安定で細切れの仕事に向き合う姿を目のあたりにして内橋さんが繰り返し口にしたのが「ディーセント・ワーク」という言葉だった。ディーセントワークとは「権利が保護され、十分な収入を生み、適切な社会保護が供与された生産的仕事」(第87回ILO総会(1999年)事務局長報告 DECENT WORK 日本語訳)という意味で、1999年のILO総会で初めて用いられた言葉。いきがいのある仕事、尊厳のある労働。その大切さを熱っぽく語り、人にとって働くいみとは何かを問い続けた。キャスターをしていて日本社会で何が一番変化したかと感じているかとわれると雇用が一番変化していると答えるのが多かった。1996年、1999年、2004年法改正で一気に派遣労働者が急増した。







Youtube   https://youtu.be/L1lSEs3dIb4










Today’s speech is a talk from ラジオ英会話.
Topic is relative pronoun(that, whose, with whom), relative adverb.
First story is a couple is talking about a shopping.
a Are you going into this shop again? This is the 5th time!
b I know, but this shop is special. This is the only shop that sells ' Pluto Wars' figures.
a What am I supposed to do?
b Can you wait a few minutes?
a I'll go to the department store. Why don't you call me when you are done?
b That's a good idea. I may be a while.
a Take your time. I need some new clothes for autumn.
key sentence is this is the only shop that sell 'Pluto Wars' figure.
This is the only shop sells bathmati rice.
The last album that I bought was very disappointing.
The worst thing that you could do would be to brush the problen under the carpet.

Second story is two persons are talking about a comedian.
a What are you laughing at, Gary?
b Sorry, it's so funny. It's a Japanese comedian. I love this guy. I've watched his all videos.
a I have a friend whose father is a famous comedian in Japan.
b Oh, what's his name?
a My friend's name or the comedian's name?
b The comedian.
a Onishi Hiro
b Wait a minute. He's not a comedian. He's an English teacher.
a Oh, really? I heard he's more of a comedian than a teacher.
key sentence is I have a friend whose father is a famous comedian in Japan.
I have a teacher whose jokes are just terrible.
I 'm lokking for a book whose title is on a tip

Third story is a parm teller and her customer are talking.
a I remember you. It's nicd to see you again.
b Hello. You were very accurate last time. I was surprised.
a Didn't I tell you not to buy anything expensive?
b Yes. I realized I didn't have enough money to buy what I really wanted.
a How can I help you this time?
b It's about finding a wife.
a You are dating someone right now, right?
b Yes, how did you know?
a Listen. I just know, OK? Choose a person with whom you can share everything.n
key senyence is choose a person with whom you can share everything.
Here the code with whicb you can open the safe
This is the information on which you can definitely rely.
Bela is the person without whom our startup would never have been successful.

Last story is two persons are talking about a cafe.
a Takuma, can we sit down somewhere?
b Sure. How about going to a cafe?
a That sounds great. I'm dying for an iced coffee. How about this place?
b We shouldn't go in there.
a Why not? The sign says it's a classical music cafe.
b I know. It's a caffee, but you're not allowed to talk inside.
a Oh, so, you've been here before?
b Yes, this is the place where I go when I want to relax.
key sentence is this is the place where I go when I want to relax.bvb
Liverpool is the city where I was born.
This is the room where I do most of my writing.
I found myself in a situation where I had no choice but to quit my job.

Now do you have a person with whom you can share anything?
I went to Iwate and Nara prefecture with my son 20 years ago.
We enjoyed there.


Today’s lesson is the text book, 'Touchstone2'  unit11  ' what's his name?'.


  1. what's his name?

Q1 Do you mean a goat?

A1 I know. You mean a little short beard.

Q2 Do you mean a wig? 

A2 You mean false hair.

Q3 Do you mean cargo pants?

A3 You mean baggy pants with pockets.

Q4 Do you mean platform shoes?

A4 You mean shoes with thick soles.

Q5 Did Gabby think Max was cool?

A5 She said he was cool at first, but she remembered he wore cargo pants and had long hair and funny goatee.

Q6 Why did Gabby tell to Jinho not to look then.

A6 Because Jinho didn't notice Max.

Q7 Why did Jinho say Noway?

A7 Because Max looked different.


Today’s speech is a talk from ラジオ英会話.
Topic is relative pronoun,that,who,who,which.
First story is two persons are talking about a movie.
a Gary, that was a wonderful movie. I really enjoyed it.
b Yes, I was surprised. I don't usually like musicals.
a The tap dancing was terrific.
b It sure was. Hey, look at this poster. The movie I have been waiting to see is coming out in the summer.
a Is that the movie that you were talking about?
b Yes, Arnold Sylvester is going to play the role of the android again.
a How old is he now?
b I'm not sure, but he's still a great action hero.
key sentence Is that the movie that you were talking about?
My girl friend loved the present that I gave her.
Show me the app that is not working properly.
We found a teaching method that makes English learning much easier.

Second story is two persons are talking about baseball.
a Well, our team is in the lead now. That homerun by Hashimoto was fantastic.
b He is a great player. All the funs love him.
a Right. Hey, look over there! Do you see that tall guy in the stands.
b The man next to the woman in red?
a Yes, he is the guy who I always see at our local conveniece store.
a Oh, right. he works there. What'a a coincidence.
b Yes, I had no idea he was a baseball fun.
key sentence is he is the guy who I always see at our local convenient store.
I like people who smile a lot.
Have you seen the guy who Natsumi engaed to?
The staffs who I met went out of their way to make me feel welcome.

Third story is an art instructor and his student are talking about paintings.
a Sally, there are some excellent paintings here.
b There sure are. Thanks for bringing me to this exhibition.
a My pleasure, it's important to see the work of other artists.
b Yes, I'm inspired. Oh, this one is beautiful! I love the colors.
a Do you see that woman in the blue dress? That's the artist who painted it.
b Can we talk to her? I would like to know how she painted it.
a Sure, she is one of my friends. I'll introduce you.
key sentence is that's the artist who painted it.
I don't like cakes that have lots of cream.
Brian is the candidate who lmpressed me the most.
.That 's the guy who caused so much trouble at yesterday's meeting.

Last story is
a How was your trip to Okinawa?
b It was wonderful. We had a lot of fun. take a look at these pictures.
a Oh, my. You took a phote of this snake with your phone?
b Yes. I used the zoom function.
a The snake which you saw in Okinawa is very dangerous.
b Really? What's it called?
a It's called a habu.
b Wos! Have you ever seen a habu?
a Yes, I have. But ran away fast.
key sentence is the snake which you saw in Okinawa is very dangerous.
They caught the lion which escaped from the zoo.
I really loved the new house which you've bought.
The car we rented brokd down after traveling just 50 kilometers!
I borrowed a book from you.
You lent me a book. (lend lent lent)
I rented a car from a rental company.
Arnold sylvester is Arnold plays terminator.