Here is a talk from Rajio Eikaiwa.

Topic is general people(you, we, they), what`s that.. it is, it..to and it…that. 


Mr Smith and Miss Jet are talking.

a Mr.Smith, what are you listening to?

b Brahms Third Symphony. 

a You really like that symphony, don`t you? You always listen to it.

b This is a new performance by the Wienna Phlharmonic. It`s very good.

a Have you ever been to Wienna? 

b No, I`ve never been to Austria.

a Really? You of all people should go. You only live once.

b I`ve wanted to go for a long time. Do we need a  visa to go there?

a I`m not sure. You`d better check.

Key sentence you only live once. 

They say life begins  at 60.

People tend to believe stereotypes.

Do we need a visa to go there?

You should.ot eat too much nunk food.

They say that an apple a day meeps the doctor away.

People often think the grass is greener than on the kther side.


Captain Meagan and an alien ars talking.

a I`m zaytox, from the planet Bega 6.

b How can you speak English?

a We can speak any language in the universe.

Throgh this device.

b What`s that?

a It`s a universal translator.

b Very impressive.

a Our technology is far above your level.

b Obviously. Your spaceship is very fast.

a Yes, it takes only 15 minutes from here to your earth.

b That`s impossible!

a It`s possible. We can give you a fast ride home.

Key sentence what`s that?

I`s a universal translator.

What`s that?

I`s a wine bottle opener.

I`m really sorry. It won`t happen again.

It`s a find day today.

It`s 5 o"clock now.

It`s dark here.今日はここまでにしましょう

You can make it if you try hard.

That`s it.それだ

I got it. わかりました,

It takes only 15 mimutes from here to your earth.

We saw a shooting star. It was magical!

It`s hot a.d humid today.

I`m sure she can make it to the top if she practices hard.


An Indian restaurant chef and a customer, Barbala are talking.

a Hi, it's you. You realy like Indian food, don`t you?

b Hi, Deepak, yes, l like your currey in particular.

They are so good.

a Thank you. It`s surprising that you come here so often.

b Really? I wonder why? Any way. How`s business these days?

a Not very good, I`m afraid.  It`s difficult to have a restaurant in this area.

b Why don`t you change locations?

a I`ve been thinking about that.

b Let me help you. I can find vacant properties in the city.

Key sentence it`s different to have a restaurant in this area.

It`s sjrprising that you come here so often.

It`s up to you if you take this job.

It`s not clear that he stayed that evening.

It`s tough working witb him 24-7.

I think it`strange to put pineapple on a pizza.

It`s exciting for me to visit a new country.

It`s obviousthat she was lying.

I think it fitting to have a party for his retirement.


A couple, Gary and Helen are talking.

a Helen, check out my new telescope!

b Very impressive. What are you looking at?

a I`m viewing the planet Jupiter. Look, you can see some of Jupiter`s moons through it.

b Oh, wow! I see them. That`s incredible!

a We have to thank Galileo for inventing the telescope.

b I read that it was a Dutch person that invented the telescope, right?

a Really? I always thought it was Galileo that invented it.

b So, did I, until I read about it.

Key sentence I read that it was a Dutch person that invented the telescope.

It was Mary that broke the kitchen`s window yesterday.

It was the kitchen`s window that Mary broke yesterday.

It was yesterday that Mary broke the kitchen`s window.

It was Patrick that sent flowers to Michelle.

It was flowers that Patrick sent to Michelle.

It was Michelle that  Patrick sent flowers to.



Today`s speech is a talk about Radio Eikaiwa. 

Topic is countable noun and uncountable noun.

A couple are talking.

a Kelly, my parents are coming over for dinner on Sunday.

b This coming Sunday? We have to clean up the apartment.

a I`ll help. Let`s go shopping tomorrow.

What are we going to serve?

b I was thinking of Italian food.

We need some olive oil and onions.

b Don`t put in too much onion. You always use too much.

a OK, And a few bottles of red wine.

b I didn`t know your parents liked wine.

a They drink wine every weekend.

Key sentence we need some olive oil and onions.

My dad has some beer  wine bread cheese at dinner.

All we need is love peace happiness.

We don`t have much rain here.

Water boils at 100 degrees

We need water to live.

Time flies.

Happiness is not always easy to find.

They have little time.

There is some white wine in the fridge. Help youfself.


A couple ard talkjng.

a Ahchoo!

b  Casper, did you catch a cold?

a Ah, I think I`m coming down with something.

b Drink some bot tea with honny and lemon.Honny is really good for you.

a Yeah, I know, by the way, Alexis. I was thinking we should make some changes this year. 

b What do you mean?

a I want to change some furniture in the bed room.

b Well, it`s time you got a new dresser for your clothes. Those plastic boxes are pretty shabby.

a They really are.

Key sentence I want to change some furniture in the bed room.Mony talks Money isn`t everything. I don`t have much money.Fuit is a great source of vitamins.There`is a lot of food on the table.I spend a lot of money on food.I`d like to give you some advice.

Information is the key of success.

For more information, check out our website.


A few days passed.


a Casper! The furniture you ordered is here.

b OK, Whoa, this dresser lookes bigger than I remembered.

a I hope there`s enough room in the bedroom.

b I measured it,  so, it should be fine.

a Anyway, We don`t have time to set it up, so let`s just leave it here for now.

b Right, we`d better get going, or we`ll be late for our dental appointment.

a Yes, We`ll sort out the dresser when we get back.

b Good. Let`s go.

Key sentence I hope there`s enough room in the bedroom.

We don`t have time to set it up so let`s just leave it hefe for now.

Time is money.

Do you have time to talk?

It took me a long time to get there.

How many times have I told you that?

Did you have a good time at the party?

This is made of glass.

These are champagne glasses.

I always wear glassed

Can you put more paper in the printer.

This story is in all the papers

I did aot of we


Two haik club menbers are talking.

a Mr.Emori, I got this official looking post card yesterday.

b Let`s see.It says you need to renew your residence card.

a Can I do it online?

b According this, you need to go to the immigration office in person.

a Then I have to take a day off from work.

b It`s easy to go by bus or by taxi if you are in a hurry.

a Oh, well. I guess I have no choice.

Key sentence it says you need to go to the immigration office in person.

You can write the answer by pen or pencil.

I went to school in Tokyo.

You can go by car bus train.

I ate chicken for dinner

At last I`ll get to see you in person.

We went to the top of the mountain by helicopter.

I ate ram at a new Indian restaurant last night.

Online English Conversation lesson by skype(20230113)

Tom’s sponcered walk

  1. Does Tom currently serve in the army? 
    No,he doesn’t, because he is an Army veteran.
  2. How much did he hope to raise ?  It’s 1000 pounds
  3. Where was his sponsored walk to take place?  It was his back garden.
  4. Tom eventually raised a staggering £21 million.
  5. Many hope that Tom will be knighted for his efforts.
  6. Tom’s aims to support the NHS have struck a chord with many people in the UK.
  7. Tom has showen a single person can stir the nation.
  8. Every little helps.

Army veteran(退役軍人) Tom Moore did a sponcered walk at  the age of 99 years old to raise money for the NHS The National Health Service in the UK,

His aim was to raise 1000 pounds. 

This was ambitious(野心的) walk of 1,6 miles in his back garden(背中の重荷を負い) giving that(考えると) he had recently been treated for a broken hip and skin cancer (腰痛や皮膚がんの治療を受け). As he began his sponcered walk he was surprised to see the response from the British public as donations started pouring in(注ぎ込んだ).

By the end of (終わりまで)the sponsored walk he had raised not one thousand    

pounds but a staggering(驚異的な) 21 million pounds. Many around the country are now calling for Tom Moore to be knighted for(騎士の称号) his remarkable fundraising efforts. Tom Moore has started that he was overwhelmed by the sum of money that was donated.

His  raise for the NHS struck a chord with(共鳴させた) many around the country today.

As the population(住民) watched doctors nurses other Hospital staff and all Frontline  workers(最前線で働く人びと)put themselves in Arm’s Way to save lives(自分自身を危険に晒す) as they battle against the corona virus crisis.

This story truly is an example of  how a humble unambitious person can stir the nation and affect incredible change .(謙虚で野心的でない人がどれ程国を動かし信じられない程の変化をもたらすことができるか) Surely we should all be doing more in one way or another(我々皆何らかの方法でもっとおおくのことをする) as the saying goes every little helps and who knows whether your modest attempt to help might not also create a flame of support throughout your own country.(諺の言っているように少しでも助けになりあなたのささやかな助けの試みがあなたの国内の支持の炎を生み出さないかどうかは誰にもわかりません。


Here is a talk about Radio Eikaiwa. 

Roxy and her Granpa are talking about dinner.

a Roxy, Grandma has made dinner for us.

b It smells wonderful.  What is it?

a Roast beef and mashed potato. We used to eat it every Sunday.

b Grandma is such a great cook.

a Every family has its chef. But It`s not me.

b Dad is a good cook, but he uses all the  plates of the kichen. And I mean every plate.

a Yes, I remember that about him. He`s not  good at cleaning up.

b Exactly, Mom always does the dishes.

Key sentence every family has its chef.

Every child every custmer  every participant every member 

Every child has his own room.

All the children  all students  all of us  all of the teachers all the country all day 

We are all happy.

The teacher all agreed

You can have it all.

All about Japan  all over Japan

We think every customer is precious.

Every member of the team has their role to play.

You must attend all the meetings, I mean every meeting,OK?


Twk android robots, Jeannie and Frankie are talking.

a Oh, No! I broke my necklace. And I just bought it on sale.

b No problem, Jeannie. I can fix it in no time.

a You are perfect, Frankkie! You can do anything.

b I`m not perfect. I feel lonely. I have no friends.

a What do you mean? I`m your friend.

b You are my girlfriend. I need other friends.

I want  to talk about other things.

a Such as?

b I don`t know. Anything other than fashon accessories.

a Sure. Be my guest.

Key sentence I have no friends.

No problem  I can fix it in no time. 

I have no idea.  I found nothing. 

I`m no expert.  It`s no joke.  

There is no easy wag to master English.

There are no more than ten people present.

I have no time to talk.

No students are allowed to enter here.

I`ve prepared everything, so dinner will be ready in no time.

I have no idea what you`re talking about.

I`m no expert, but this does`t look right to me.


Professor Psacock and the clerk are talming.

a Hello, sir. May I help you?

b Hello. Actually I would like your advice.

a Of course.

b Which do you prefer this orange scarf or this purple one?

a Personally, I prefer the purple one.

b So do I. But I`m not fond of this pattern. Could you show me another?

a Yes, I did see a purple scarf with a different pattern. Oh, here it is.

b Yes, that`s more like it.

a Is this a present for your wife, sir?

b It`s for a friend.

Key sentence could you show me another?

Could you show me another?

Could you show me the other?

Could you show me others?

Some are cheap and others are expensive.

Could you show me another?

Could you show me others?

Could you show me the others?


Artist Bob and his student Sally ard talking.

a Bob, Are these your watercolors?

b Yes, they are. What do you think?

a I love them.I didn`t know you did watercolors.

b Well, I painted them  many years ago.

a Why did you change to oil painting?

b When I was younger,  watercolors were popular. Then oil painting became trendy.

a I see. These two landscapes are beautiful.

b I`ll tell you what. You can have them.

a Both of them? No, I couldn`t.

b In that case, choose either one.

a  Are you sure?

Key sentence both of them?

You can have both toys.

You can have either toy.

You can have neither toy.

You cannot have either.

Both Tom and Bill are my classmates.

Either Tom or Bill has to go there.

Neither Tom nor Bill came to my party.

I don't like carrots. I don`t like them either. 

Both of my brothers love golf.

My girlfriend doesn`t like horror movie, and neither do I.

Either blouse will go well with this skirt.





欲望の資本主義2023 逆転のトライアングルに賭ける時

初回放送日: 2023年1月1日

2017年から新春恒例、異色の経済教養ドキュメント。インフレ、乱高下する円、エネルギー問題、膨張する債務…。混迷の中、世界の知性と本質を考察。今、考えるべきは? 難問山積の世界情勢。石油危機から50年、狂乱物価再来を危惧する声も。イノベーションが叫ばれるが真の可能性は?グローバリズムの功罪が問われる中、一早く撤退を決めたはずのイギリスは最悪のインフレに苦しみ、GAFAMでデジタル経済を謳歌したアメリカにも不透明感が広がる。「富を生むルール」が変わる時代に欲望をキーワードに現代社会の構造を問い続けてきた番組が危機を直視、今後を展望。逆転のトライアングルとは?




Online English Conversation lesson by skype(20221224)

1 Specialists in fireworks include  explosive chemicals  to create special effect.

2 Fireworks are made by putting all materials in a  shell.

3 Fireworks were invented by the  Chinese.  

4 The first firework created a loud  bang .

5 Fireworks appeared in Europe by the 13th century.

6 The rocket firework launches high into the air and explodes a certain height.

7 The long tube fireworks are called Roman candles .

8  Magnesium   is used to create a bright white light.


The original fireworks were made from gumpowder火薬 which is a mixture of ingredients including saltpeter sulfur 硝石硫黄 and chocoal炭. Today experts at handling explosives爆発物 called pyrotechnicians花火職人 add chemicals for special effects.

There are many different kinds of fireworks but they`re all made in a similar way. The ingredients are placed in a shell.  It is then wrapped up and a fusesヒューズ added in factories where fireworks are made safety precautions are used to make sure a single static electric shock does not create an explosion. Fireworks have been first made by the chinese. A chinese document dated about 1040AD showed how to wrap gunpowder in paper to make a fire pill. This small firecracker made a very loud bang which was thought to ward,guard, evil spirits by 13the century. Fireworks had made their way to Europe where their popularity grew. By the 1500s fireworks were used in celebrations and special events. The Italians were the masters of fireworks by the 17th century. There are number of different types of fireworks these days and each of them works in a particular way. The rocket firework has a substance which explodes and shoots the fireworks in the air. When the rocket reaches a paticular height, another spark causes it to blow up releasing fine metal powder into thd air.

Roman candles are long tubes which shoot balls of chemicals from one end creating a series of flaming stars. Fountains are cone-shaped and small hole allows gases to escape shooting colored spark into the air.

Magnesium gives off a bright white light other ingredients give off different types of light when they become hot  which is how color are created.