Today’s speech is a talk from ラジオ英会話.
Topic is subject using to-infinitive(gerund), that clause, interrogative, predicate verb whose object is to-infinitive.
Story is two persons are talking about singing.
a Hey, Fiona, How come you're always singing?
b Well, I read that to sing is good for your health.
a Do yoy really believe that?
b Of course, it has some kind of chemical effect on your brain. and you feel happier.
a Mmm. I'm not convinced. Singing can't be that powerful.
b OK, How about we go to karaoke and after that you can tell me how you feel.
a Sounds good. I 'm free this Friday. And you?
b Me too.
key sentence is to sing is good for your health.
Singing can't be that powerful.
To cheat on a test is wrong.
Cheating on a test is wrong, you know!
To remain healthy is my main aim.
Swimming in the sea is very refreshing.
Playing video game for hours on end can't be good for your eyes.

Story is Tom and Masami are dating.
Shota isn't happy about it.
a Tom, did you talk to Sota today?
b I saw earlier, He looked different.
a DIdn't he? He is wearing stylish clothes today.
b Yeah, I wonder why?
a The guyes don't change their fashion for no reason. That he is hiding something is obvious.
b Dont'you think he is trying to impress someone?
a Of course, The question is, who?
b Maybe it's you.
a Me? But I'm dating you now.
b Yea, and I don't think he is happy about it.
key sentence is that he is hiding is obviois.
That I failed the test shocked me!
That we were not working soon became obvious.
That my class room teacher didn't remember my name really upset me.

Story is an android Jeanie and Doctor Frank-N-Stein are talking about Manners.
a Jeannie, you just dropped your coffee cup on the ground.
b What's wrong with that?
a That's called littering, and it's not good manners.
b Why are manners so important?
a Oh, dear. You are an android, so I need to explain these things to you.
b I'm sorry, Dr. Frank-N-Stein.
a No need to apologize. Manners are important because what you do shows people who you are.
b I understand now. I won't litter anymore.
a Thank you, Jeannie.
key sentence is manners are important because what you do shows people who you are.
What you are saying doesn't make sense.
Whether you succeed is less important than doing your best.
Why don't just ask her out is beyond me.
Go for it.

Story is Jessica and Professoer are talking about Jessica's dream.
a So, does that answer your question, Jessica?
b Yes, it does. Thank you Professor.
a My pleasure. Now I have a question for you.
b For me?
a Yes, I'm curious. When did you decide to become an anchaeologist?
b I thought I told you, but maybe you forgot.
a It's possible.
b When I was a high school student, I saw a movie about a famous anchaeologist.
a And that really inspired you?
b Absolutely. Now I want to discover something fantastic like her.
key sentence Absolutely. Now I want to discover something fantastic like her.
So, does that answer your question, Jesdica? (無生物主語)
The cloch says that we have still 10 minutes before closing time. (無生物主語)
I want to speak English fluently.
I decided to hire a personal trainer.
I promise to call you everyday whilw I 'm away.
Such verbs whose object is to-infinitive as 'want' are 'decide', 'promise', 'plan', 'hope', 'expect'.

Now karaoke has some kind of chemical effect on your brain.
It has mental effect and physical effect.
Mental effect is..
The loud voice is basis of health and adjusts autonomic nerve.
It changes quantity and ingredient of saliva
and decreases stress hormone.
Physical effect is..
Its abdominal breathing trains your trunk.
Its words and melody activates your brain.
It has the effect of losing weight.
It improves bloodstream (blood circulation) and raises immunity.


Today’s lesson is the text book, 'Touchstone'  unit10 'Communication',' Keeping in touch','reading' ' Why all the interest in texting?'


Q1 Why all the interest in texting?


Q2 Many people are sleeping less because they wake up in the night every time a text pops up on their phone.


Q3 Perhaps , then , there is good reason for all interest in texting.



  1. Today's chips in the class

Commonplace activity..日常のありふれた生活

abbreviations and symbols..短縮語や記号

discreet..keep privacy

textese..language used for texting (メール語)

you are behind the wheel of a car..drive

ICYC..In case you're curious

LOL.. Laugh out loud

SUP.. what's up

FBM.. Fine by me それで結構

OTOH.on the other hand

IMO..in my opinion

BTW.. By the way

BRB.. Be right back


  1. Here is a talk from ラジオ英会話

Topic is negative awarded verb, explanation object, object explanation, object explanation adjective, sentence's patern decides on sentence's meaning.

First story is Casper and his Mom are talking about his figures.

a Casper, can I open the windows and  let in some fresh air?

b Sure, go ahead.

a  This room is so dusty.  Let me at least clean these figures on the desk.

b Hey, watch it! You will scratch my Princess Layla figure!

a This one?

b Yes, That figure cost me a fortune.

a I know. You paid 50000 yen for it.I can't believe actually you bought it.

b Believe me, Alexis. This figure will be worth 10 times that price someday.

key sentence is that figure cost me a fortune.

It took us 3 hours to get here due to the heavy snow.

How much did they charge for the repairs?

This painting didn't cost me 20,000 dollars. A real bargain.

It took me so long time to finこれd out such wonderful beachfront hotel. Do you like it?

Many banks charge their customers account main maintenance fees.

Second story is Mrs. Konuma welcomes Tom at the airport.
a Hi, I saw your sign, Mrs. Konuma, right?

b That's me. Please call me Yuko.It's a pleasure to finally to meet you, Tomath.

a Just call me Tom. Likewise, It's great to meet you in person.

b How was your flight? You must be tired.

a It was really long. But, here I'm in Japan.

b Are you hungry? Would you like to eat something here at the airport?

a Actually I'm dying for a bowl of ramen.

b No problem!

key sentence is please call me Yuko.

I name dog Fido.

We all thoight him a fool, but now we know he was a genius.

Are you calling  me a liar? 

I concider myself a lucky guy to have such good colleagues.

I rate Angie the best female athlete I've ever the honor to coach.

Third story is two teachers are talking about another teacher's hair.

a Well, now. I've seen everything.

b What do you mean?

a Ms. Jetz has dyed her hair bright pink!

b Wow!, that's cool. It's not so unusual these days.

a It's a little early for a Halloween costume.

b I think bright pink hair would match her electric boots.

a That's may be true, but she is a music teacher, not a rock star.

b She wants to express her creativity.

a Yeah, right.

key sentence is Ms. Jetz has dyed her hair bright pink.

I like bacon crispy.

I 'd like my steak rare, please.

His remarks made me extremely angry.

Last story is two persons are talking about how to improve foreign languages.
a Hi, Masaru. I heard you went to an all-you-can-eat cake place with Roxy.

b Did someone tell you that already? News travels fast.

a Your English has gotten so much better!

b Thanks, It's partly because I always speak to Roxy in English. She's bilingual,fryou know.

a I know. Her father's from England, and her mother's Japanese.

b Tha's right. She always speaks to her Dad in English.

a I should speak to you inJapanese more to improve my Japanese.

b いつでもどうぞ

key sentence is Your English has gotten so much better!

I got a beatiful ring for my boyfriend.

I got to the airport at 12:30.

I'll get you a ticket for the concert.

Look at the time! I'd berrer get dinner ready.

Oh, no! We'll never get to the theater on time.

I got very sick. It was something I ate.

Please wait here while I go ask the conceierge to get us a taxi.

It's mainly because..

It's only because..


Today’s speech is a talk from ラジオ英会話.
Topic is basic sentence pattern. explanation clause. overlapping change
,overlapping go come, awarded verb.
First story is Mission control and probe are talking about probe's problem.
a Houston, I'm still not sure if something hit us.
b Are you getting any red lights on the control panel, Omega?
a No, Houston. The board is clear.
b Just stay calm. We are working on it now.
a Houston, I have an update.
b Go ahead, Omega.
a We found out what that bang was. One of the crew members was playing a video game, and there was an explosion in it!
b Omega, are you saying it's just a sound effect?
a That's right, Houston.
key sentence is just stay calm.
It's getting warmer day by day.
I always become nurvous when I make a speech.
Chris' lecture was very boring and I couldn't stay awake.
It's getting more and more difficult to makeends meet these days.

Second story is 2 persons are talking about making Burrito.
a David, I wanted make a real Mexican chikin burrito for you.
b It looks good. Just remember to heat up the tortillas.
a They can't be cold?
b Well, warm tortillas are much easier to roll.
a OK. I'm going to make guacamole for it too.
Oh, no! The avocados went bad.
b I can run to the store and get some fresh ones for you.
a That would be great, David. Gracias!
key sentence is the avocados went bad.
My dream finally comes true.
Oh, no! My tires have gone flat.
I was so embarrassed that my face went bright red.
Don't give up. Sometimes even the crazy wishes come true.

Third story is 2 persons are talking about promotion movie.
a So, Theo, you work for an ad agency and write copy for commercials?
b Yes, that's right, Dris. I've been working there for about 10 years now.
a As I told you, I want to promote my movie. Could you write some copy for me?
b Sure, no problem. Just give me 2 weeks. I'll write the best copy you can get.
b Wonderful. First of all, you will need to watch the movie. It's a musical.
a Excellent! I love musicals.
key sentence is just give me 2 weeks.

She gave me a rose for my birthday. How sweet!
Please give my son some advice. He's very weak at math.
Give me a rest.I can't all this by myself.

Last story is 2 persons are talking about birthday present.
a Masaru, I saw you and Roxy walking home from school yesterday. You really like her, don't you?
b Well, we get along.
a Her birthday's coming up.Why don't you get her a present?
b Actually, I was thinking of buying her flowers.
a Oh. Please don't buy her flowers. That's so old-fashined.
b OK, how about a book?
a Come on! Don't be boring. Oh, I know! You should take her to an all-you-can cake place!
b That's great idea! Thanks!
key sentence is pleae don't buy her flowers.
I senr her an email this morning.
Please don't tell me the result. II want to watch the match relpay tonight
I was dying to show you my new apartment.You'll love it.

Now I would like to speek about the Mexican food.
They say the Mexican food was based on both the dishes of the Aztec group and the dishes of the indigenous people including the Maya. It was also established under the influence of the Spanish food which Spanish conquistador brought.
Spanish conquistador, named Cortez, defeated the Aztec and conqured Mexico in 1521.
I think such Mexican food as Burrito, tacos and salsa are famous. They seem to be hot, spicy.



Today’s lesson is the text book, 'Touchstone'  unit10 'Communication','Dealing with interruptions'.


Q1 What kinds of things can interrupt phone conversations?

A1 You have another call, are breaking up, get got off, need your charger. Adding there are big noizes,  

Q2 What does Maria want to tell Sarah?

A2 Maria wants Sarah to be her maid of honor.

Q3 Why do you think Sarah said Maria was kidding?

A3 Because Sarah felt that Maria thought Maria intimated to her.


Today's chips in class

Your socoal life is more important than your job.(あなたの人付き合いは仕事より大事だ)

Oh shoot  (しまった)

all-you-can-eat (食べ放題の)

My battery is really low(バッテリーない)

 Here is a talk from ラジオ英会話

Topic is interrogative adverb, present particicle, past participle, overlapping.

First story is a daughter and her father are talking at an Italian restaurant.

a Oh, I remember this French restaurant. I' m glad it's still here.

b When did you eat here?

a Probably seventeen years ago. This is where I proposed to your mother.

b You proposed to Mom over a French dinner?

How romantic, Dad!

a And you know what's even more romantic?

b What?

a I gave her a bouquet of red roses before I popped the question.

b Oh, that's so sweet!

key sentence is this is where I proposed to your mother.

This is where I was born.

This is when you make your speech.

This is why you should double-check all the equipment before you start.


Second story is two persons are talking about a drone.

a Hi, Gary. Your door was open. I hope I'm not disturbing you.

b Helen, hi. No, of course not. Have a seat.

a What are you doing? There are so many bits and pieces everywhere.

b I'm making a drone. My hobby is making drones with bright lights. I like flying them at night.

a But somebody may see it and think it 's a UFO.

b Who cares? UFO doesn't mean it's an alien's spaceship.

a Right. It just means unidentified flyinging object.

b Exactly.

key sentence is I'm making a drone.

Are you doing your home work?

I'm waiting my girlfriend. She is always late.

Why are you doing soccer? Did you have a fall out?


Third story is a student and art teacher are talking about a water color painting

a  Bob, you're an art expert, right?

b  Well, I went to art school, so I know a few techniques.

a  I bought a water color painting on the internet, and I want to get your opinion.

b Can I see it?

a  Sure, here it is. It's a painting of a scene in Copenhagen.

b  It's not bad, but this picture was painted by an amateur. I can tell.

a I paid  1000 dallars for it.

b  1000 dallars?  That's definitely too much.

key sentence is this is painted by an amateur.

Were all these pictures taken by you?

This company was founded by my grandfather.

Luckyly our compuyer network was not badly infected with the virus.


Last story is two persons are talking about planting rice.

a So, how did you like the experience, Nelson?

b It was fun, but I didn't realize planting rice was such hard work!

a You look exhausted.

b I'm OK, but my back is a little sore. I 'm not used to using these muscles.

a Me either. Many people do it with machines these days, but my family prefers the traditional hand planting method.

b It's good to preserve such tradition, but it definitely isn't good for my back!

key sentence is you look exhausted.

Hey, you look really happy. Good news?

I'm so relaxed, that massage was wonderful.

Your new job sounds terrific. Whe do you start?




最近インターネットのある記事に目がとまった。それはニューヨーク州の携帯メール文字打ちの優勝者についてのものだった。17歳の優勝者は39秒に149文字を打って5万ドルを受け取った。それは確かに印象的で私に比べたらずっとずっと速い。(大笑い) しかしながら不思議に思い始めた。何故、メール打ちにそんなに関心があるのだろうか?結局メール打ちは最近日常のありふれた活動なのだ。その短縮化や記号を使ったメール打ちは今やわれわれの生活の一部となつていることは明確だ。
研究によれば、アメリカ人の約75%が文字打ちメールを送っていて、殆ど⅓が電話で話すよりメールを好んでいる。どうみても1回の電話より1回のメールのほうが速い。what's upのタイピングのほうがhow are youと訊ねて応えを聴くより早い。また、誰も会話をこっそり聴くことができないので、それ(タイピング)はより用心深いものである。それで結構だ。


Q1 Is texting a good way to communicate?
Yes, it is.

Q2 Why or not why?
Because it's a lot quicker and easier than call.

Q3 What's one advantage of texting?
We can convey a message at all times ;anytime. without interruption

Q4 What’s one disadvantage of texting?
We might not convey personal message.

Q5 Why do so many people like texting better than talking on the phone?..Find two reasons.
Because it just quicker to text than to call.
Also it's more discreet because no one can overhear your conversation.

Q6 How many texting abbreviations does the author of the article use? ..What does each one mean?
They are seven ones, such as
ICYC..In case You're Curious
LOL ..Lough out loud
:-)- .. Smile
SUP .. What's up?
FBM .. Fine by me
OTOH .. On the other hand
IMO .. In my opinion

Q7 What is 'textese'?..What kinds of problems does it cause?
Some students get low grades.
Others have injuries to their hands and thums from the constant texting.

Q8 What are some other downsides of texting? Find four problems in the article.
They get more spam texts than ever before.
Texting encourages bad grammer and punctuation.
Students get low grades.
They have injuries to their hands and thumbs from the constant texting.
The accidents that happen when people text and drive at the same time.

Q9 Do you have any advice for people who text all the time? Write four four 'Dos' and 'Don'ts' for texters.
Don't s
When you text with all its abbreviation and symbols or write your essays in textese , you should aware of T P O.
You should not wake up in the night every time a text pops up on your phone.
You should not have injuries to your hands and thumbs from the constant texting.
You should not text and drive at the same time.
As a texting is a commonplace activity these days and now part of your lives, it is good to improve your texting skills.

How much is the ratio of person to send text messages among Americans?

How much is the ratio of person to prefer to text rather than talk on the phone among Americas?

From 『Touchstone 2』 unit10 communication

Summarization after talking with my friend.

The contents of this article'communication' is focus on 3 points.

First, 「mail versus call」
The mail's advantages are speedup, without interruption, keeping privacy.
Disadvantages are giving spam mail, without sincerity.

Second, 「digital versus paper or PC versus school text book」
Advantages are speedup, standardization.
Disadvantages are without security, falsification, without
recordability, one direction or not interactive type (as a result without consideration or not creativity).

Third, 「textesing with abbreviation and symbol, or to be portable (to be handy)」
Advantages is increasing degree of intimacy.
Disadvantages are bad grammer, without honorific expression, (as a result personal relation gets worse, without sociality), sleeping less (as a result, getting low grade), having injuries to hands and thumb from constant texting, texting and driving at the same time (as a result traffic accidents).


Today’s speech is a talk from ラジオ英会話.

Topic is basic sentence pattern, explanation clause. (説明型)

be-verb, preposition, to-infinitive, that if whether clause.

first story is two persons are talking one's job.

a Hi, my name is Theo.

b Hi, I'm Doris.

a So, what do yo do, Dris?

b I'm a filmmaker. I make movies for social medea sites.

a Wow, that's an interesting job. I love watching movies.

b Great! What kind of movies do you like?

a I love action movies and movies with dancing.

b Really? I just made a movie about tap dancing.  I'm trying to promote it.

a Maybe, I can help you. I write copy for an advertising agency.

key sentence is I 'm a filmmaker.

I'm a teacher. I teach English at a high school in Tokyo.

I'm a flight attendant. I work for an international airline.

I'm an architect. I design new buildings and restore old ones.


Second story is two colleagues are talking about their work performance review.

a Hey, Jonas. where did Taeko go?

b She's in a meeting with Ms. Brant and Mr. Yamamoto.

a Oh, we made plans to have lunch together.

b She is going to be a while. She is having her work performance review.

a I have to do that too. I haven't prepared anything yet.

b Me either. That's always the last thing on my list.

a I know. There is never enough time, is there?

b No, there never is.

key sentence is She's in a meeting with Ms.Brant and Mr. Yamamoto. 

That is behind the sofa.

There is my favorite cafe by the lake.

Ben is next to Lily, isn't it? Are they dating? Are they item?


Third story is a student and doctor are talking about exploration.

a And here are some rock samples from an asteroid.

 They were recently brought back to the Earth.

b I can't believe it. This is from the Osobusa probe!

a That's right. You serm to know a lot about space exploration.

b Well, my goal is to become an astronaunt.

a That's great. You 'll definitely achieve your goal if you study hard.

b Thank you. Doctor Altair. I hope so. I really want to go to the Moon someday.

a I'm sure you will.

key sentence is my goal is to become an astronaunt.

My goal is to visit all over the country.

(every country in the world.)

You are all to do exactly as I say. Understood?

If you are to enjoy our team, you'll have to work on getting much fitter.


Last story is a couple is talking about their new refrigerator..

a Casper, I have some good news and some bad news.

b Start with the good news, honey.

a The new refrigerator we ordered last month finally arrived.

b OK, that's good news. Now what's the bad news?

a The problem is that it won't fit into the house.

b What? I measured all the doors. It should fit.

a Well, you obviously didn't measure the stairway.

b So, what are we going to do?

a I'll call a crane service.

key sentence the problem is it won't fit into the house.

The worry is whether we can raise enough money.

The problem is we are broke!

The thing is I 'm too shy.

The issue is whether we should support their proposal.


By the way I take my granddaughter to nursery school by car. 

Then she likes listening to music. Especially Desney music. Recently we have delighted in Mary Poppins medley of hit. That's 'A spoonful of sugar'.   It helps medcine go down. That looks like march. So That encourages us to cheer children up.  And there is also a funny song. That's 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'.

The longest word, which has most many characters.
















Today’s speech is a talk from ラジオ英会話.
Topic is transitive verb, intransitive berb, a word of placement.
first story is two persons are talking their sons.
a The race is about to start, Riko. Is that your son in the purple jersey?
b Yeah, that's Renji.
a He's really tall now.
b He takes after his father. Look, he's in the lead.
a He runs fast. I'm impressed.
b Yes, that's why they call him Cheetah.
a Fast as cheetah? As long as he doesn't cheat on tests.
b He' a cheetah, not a cheater! He's a good student.
a He's won the race! Congratulations!
key sentence is he runs fast.
Run faster, or you'll be late.
Some people think I'm strange because I love to run in the pouring rain.
You need have a broad range of skills to run a business.

Second story is two person are talking about their dogs.
a Hi, Theo! I haven't seen you in a while.
b Hi, Mirai. Yes, it has been a month, I think.
a How is your dog, Sparky?
b He's fine. thanks. And how's Paul?
a Fine as ever. Oh, I'm glad we met. I 've a huge favor to ask you.
b Really? What's it?
a I'm going to Europe next month for ten days. Could you look after Paul while I 'm away?
b Sure. He gets along well with Spark, so no problem.
key sentence is could you look after Paul while I'm away?
I 'll look after the kid.
We are looking for volunteers to help organize the school festival.
I would like to remark some points I 'm aware of while I'm looking over your report.
I 've been looking over your report, and I'd like to point out several areas of concern.

Third story is Nasa,Houston and probe, space ship atr talking.
a Houston, this is Omega one. The ship's main engine has been repaired.
b Rojer, Omega. Glad to hear that.
a We really appreciate the help from evryone in Mission Control.
b Our pleasure, Omega.
a We would just like to run a test. Did you hear that noise?
b Rojer, Omega. We heard something. What is your situation?
a The ship seems to be OK. But, something may have hit us.
b Copy, Omega. Stand by.
key sentence is Did you hear that noise?
I often listen to clasical music.
Can you hear the ambalence sirens?
I 've told him 1000 times that he needs to change his attitude, but he never listens to me.

Last story is two persons are talking about social medea.
a Hi, Gairy. What are you eating?
b I'm having the fish and chips.
a It looks pretty good.
b It's really tasty.
a Hey, why are you smiling at your phone?
b Sheila just friended me.
a Sheila in our ecomomics class? Be careful. I had some problems with her.
b What happened?
a She kept posting some extreme opinions about politics.
I had to un-friend her.
b She seems like a quiet person.
a Well, on social medea she 's completely different.
key sentence is Sheila just friended me.
I had to un-friend her.
She friendzoned me.
I need to water my plants.
I usually bookmark interesting websites.
The guardman at the 5-stars hotel enterance eyed me suspiciously.

Now when we use social medea, like face book, twitter, we find someone posting different opinions. Then I never argue with them lest the topic should go up in flame. (be burnt down)
I try to pretend to ignore their opinions.
I opt to post many 'Like' to anyone who friend me.

Today's chips in class
show devotion to one's parents… do filial duty. 親孝行する

The teacher illustrated two examples of words of placement.

The horse(that was) raced past barn / fell.

The old / man the boat.