Online English Conversation Lesson by skype (20220816)

Topic is Health: A week without Social Media may reduce Depression.

By Ms. Bella

If we don’t use Social Media a week, We may be healthy.

* healthy means  well- being

Maintaining Social connection is very important for one’s well-being.

*very heatthy mind , happy

*mental means related to brain, thinking

Stress can cause mental healthy problem like depression and anxiety.

*scroll means  turn over

Scroll on Instagram a few minutes until the train arrived.

*cut down means reduce, decrease

*usage means tool

The  council has asked residents to cut down on water usage over Summer season.

Do you know anyone who one  who spends very little time on Social Media?


Yes I do  He thinks a week without Social Media may reduce Depression.

Have you ever concidered deleting any of your Social Media account?

Yes, I have.

Once someone took my Facebook’s account. I won’t update my Facebook.

Why do you think it’s so hard to limit screen time?

I think some one would stop screening when he is into it.