Online English Conversation lesson by skype(20221019)

Topic is  「Turtles Multiple choice」.

Q1 The volunteers relates to

a All kinds of turtles

b Only Olive Ridley turtles

c Various kinds of turtles


Q2 Volunteers can join the program for.. time

a As long as they want ..for ever

b No more than 12weeks.

c one week


Q3 Accomodation is..

a Luxury with a local

b With a local family in the best house.. good

c Basic with a local faimly..simple


Q4 Volunteers must be..age

a Individual of 18 years old 

b Individuals or groups with experience

c Over the age of 18 but do not need experience


Q5 Volunteers will.. job

a Clean the beach of rubbish

b Relocate baby turtles

c Help adult turtles move along the beach


Hearing content

The  volunteer program is aimed at helping to conserve and protect the population of olive Ridley turtles in Costa Rica although other species of turtles are also involved.

The program is run at ostkonal beach.

 Volunteers can sign up for any length of time from 2 to 12 weeks.

All volunteers will be housed with local families near the beach don`t expect luxury; this is basic at best.

English is not usual in local families.

It is possible to sign up as a group or just as an individual without prior expdrience but we do have an age requirement of over 18.

A health check and police chech will be required.

The main involvement in this program is with recording data helping tagging removing debris from the  beach to ensure clean passage for adults and baby turtles and also to assist in egg relocation.

This is a unique experience for anyone interested in turtles and conservation.