Online English Conversation Lesson by skype (20220809)

This is the documents which I recorded after talking with Mr. Rael Uy online.

Global Warming

Arctic region is melting gradually.
White bears are suffering because the ice size is getting more and more small.
Water level is rising gradually.
Shortage of water and drought happened.
On the other hand, there are too much water and Flood happened.
In USA or Australia, wild fire happens.
Smoke, Greenhouse gas effects on the earth.
Too much dioxcid gas causes pollution.
It`s human trouble.
Two children are cleaning at the park.
If`s good to keep purfying ghe public area.
Two children are planting trees.
Planting trees can increase oxygen.
I used to plant trees when my familly celebrate every anniversary, birthday, enterance school.
There are lots of trees in the mountain.
Trees emit oxygen, fresh air.
We go to mountain and breath fresh air.
He is tbrowing trash in the river.
So river is getting darty.
Animals and fish are suffering by human error.
They are collecting trash in the park.
Local community, government and company organize cleaning event.
She is cleaning on the sea. at the coast. by the sea. near the beach.
People recognize it`s important to clean surrounds us.
People leave trash after camping, hiking, seeing firework.
It`s important to keep cleanliness, sanitary in our circumstances.
What`s the dartiest job?
It`s money laundering.
The mafia commits the crime and earns lot of money. And its syndicate repeatedly use with money laundering.