Today’s lesson is the text book, 'Touchstone' unit10 'Communication',' Keeping in touch','On the phone'.
Q1 How do you keep in touch with friends and family?
A1 I keep in touch with them by using sns and calling.
Q2 Do you talk to your family every day?
A2 No, I don't. I sometimes talk with my grand child by using Line.
Q3 Do you use a social kazumi2432@icloud.com to comunicate with friends?
A3 Yes, I do. I sometimes video call him.
Q4 Is it easier to text your friends or to call them?
A4 It's to text.
Find these expressions in the conversations.
Q5 Do you think video calls are more fun than phone calls?
A5 I think so.
Q6 What can you say when you ask to speak to someone?
A6 Could I speak to Katsumata?
Q7 What can you say when you leave a voice-mail message?
A7 Please leave a message.
Q8 What can you say when you want someone to return your call?
A8 Call me back on my phone.
Q9 What can you say when you need to interrupt because you have another call?
A9 I have another call. Call me later.
Q10 What can you say when you call someone by mistake?
A10 I'm sorry. I think I have the wrong number.
Q11 What can you say when you can't hear some of the other person's words?
A11 You are breaking up.
Q12 What can you say when the phone call suddenly ends?
A12 We got cut off.
Q13 Why do you think Nathan could not send Angela a text message?
or Do you think, why could not Nathan send Angela a text message?
A13 I think because Angela asked him to call back.
or I think Nathan couldn't come up with texting.

2. Today's chips in the class
(1)get ahold of ..つながる
(2)send a text mail.. 携帯メールする

Teacher pointed out that following things as a common sense.
We think Angela had a bad manner. If she has some reasons not to be able to receive Nathan's call, she should have called him.
We think the receiptionist had a bad manner.
When she get Nathan's call, she should have cheched if Angela could receive his call. And
she should told him Angela call him later.

3. Here is a talk from ラジオ英会話
Topic is verb transitive
First story is two persons are talking one's car.
a Wow, so this is your car? I love the color. Blue is my favorite.
b Thanks, Brandy, I've had this sports car for 10 years.
a How do you keep it so shiny?
b I wash my car every day. She's my pride and joy.
a Oh, can you give me a ride to the station?
b Sure, no problem. But could you take your shoes before you get in?
a Uh. Actually, I think I will walk to the station. It's a nice day.
key sentence is I wash my car everyday.
I study English.
I walk my dog twice a week.
It's really important to motivate student on order to get the best out of them.

Second story is a palm reader and custom are talking.
a This is my first time to visit a palm reader.
b Just relax, sir. Please put your right hand on the table.
a Like this?
b Yes, that's fine. Oh, very interesting. Can you see this line on your palm here?
a Yes, what does it mean?
b You need to be very careful about making any big purchases this year.
a What a coincidence! I was thinking about buying a condominium.
b I would advise you not to.
key sentence Can you see this line on your palm here?
I can see Mt Fuji from my balcony.
Hey, look at the rainbow. It's beautiful isn't it?
I often sit at a cafeterrace and watch passer-by as I sip my coffee slowly

Third story is two shogi club menbers are talking about other menber's love affairs.
a So, let me get this straight. Tom and Masami are dating each other?
b That's right.
a Who told you that?
b Masami told me.
a But she was always arguing with Tom. Does she really love him?
b Well, you know what they say. You can only argue with someone you love.
a I don't know about that.
b Any way, Sota, why do you care so much? Do you like Masami?
a No, I'm wondering why she changed.
key sentence is does she really love him?
Why do you hate him?
Your cat has beautiful emerald eyes.
My Japanese girl friend knows Tokyo like the back of her hand.

Last story is android robot and doctor are talking.
a Doctor, I have a question.
b Sure, Jennie. Ask me anything. That's why I'm here.
a What does the N in your name Frank N Stein stand for?
b Good question. It stands for Nottingham. It's a city in England.
a Is it famous?
b Yes, the story of Robin Food came from there.
a Can you explain that story?
b Yes, it's about a man who steals from the rich.
a Isn't stealing wgrong?
b Well, it's complicated.
key sentence is Can you explain that story?
I'm going to ask Hellen to marry me.
Why don't you discuss the holiday plans over dinner?
It' extremely important that we explain the school rules very clearly to our students.

新聞記事「コロナ失策からの発見 崩れる民主主義の常識」


コロナ渦のこの1年間の教訓というべきものでしょうか。要旨をまとめてみると、なかなか厳しいものでした。友人と 話をしました。









「公益資本主義」原丈人著 文春新書








1.中長期投資 (若い創業者のベンチャー事業)

2.社中配分 (従業員、取引先含め) 






3.「にわか株主」の排除 (HFT超高速取引 へッジファンド、アクティビスト)


5.ストックオプションの廃止  (役員持株)






11.時価会計原則と減損会計の見直し (投資家は最新の価値を知りたいと思う)

12.日本初の新しい経済指標 ベース・オブ・ピラミッドビジネス (ブータンにおける国民総幸福量GNH ,GDPやGNIを補完する)







わかりやすい解説がありました。株主へのリターン ですので、いかに配当を多くするかと考えられるのでないでしょうか。


Return On Equityの略称で、和訳は自己資本利益率。企業の自己資本(株主資本)に対する当期純利益の割合で、計算式はROE(%)当期純利益 ÷ 自己資本 × 100、またはROE(%)EPS(一株当たり利益)÷ BPS(一株当たり純資産)× 100




Today’s speech is a talk from ラジオ英会話.
Topic is words order, subtopics are auxiliary verb, negative word not, tense depends on verb form, adverb's position.
Story is two colleagues are tarking about Pierre's party.
a Hei, Will. Did you get an invitation from Pierre?
b You mean the one about his cherry blossm viewing party?
a Yes, that's the one.
b I did, but you know that I can never eat the food at his parties.
a This time, we'll all bring our own food.
b Right, but I'm not really good friends with Pierre.
a If we don't go to his party again, he may get disappointed!
b I'm sure he can handle the disappointment.
key sentence if we don't go to his party again, he may get disappointed.
I may be a little late.
You know you can always count on me.
I should have prepared much better for the presentation.

story is two colleagues are talking about natto smoothie.
a Did you see the main article in today's business news?
b Which article are you talking about?
a It was about how our rival company's new natto smoothie became a huge hit.
b You see! I had the same idea last year. I proposed that idea to the managers. They didn't listen to my advice.
a You have to admit a natto soothie sounds unusual.
b That's why I keep telling to you guys, think outside the box.
a Yea, I guess you are right.
key sentence they didn't listen to my advice.
I d. but on't like natto.
That guy didn't even apologize for dumping into me.
That commedian may be famous, but he didn't make me laugh at all.

story is two colleagues are talking about their client's receiption.
a What a night! We went to five different bars.
b Yes, our client likes to party.
a That's for sure. What's time is it?
b Two-thirty in the morning.
a So, we can sleep for five hours at the hotel before we catch the early train. Do you have your room key?
b Of course. Oh, no! I left my wallet left in the taxi!
a Don't worry. The driver will perhaps find
b I drank too much.
key sentence I left my wallet in the taxi.
I made some brownies.
My sister practices yabusame twice a week.
I 've had a bad cold for ten days, despite taking the medcine my docter prescribed.

story is two persons are talking about one`s movie.
a Fred, I loved that movie! Your dancing was fabulous!
b I'm glad you enjoyed it. I wasn't sure how it would look on screen.
a I knew you were good at tap dancing, but your performance in the movie looked so dramatic!
b Seriously, I didn't practice at all before they filmed it.
a That's hard to believe. It looked very complicated.
b I wonder if they will make part2.
a I hope they do. It's a great movie.
key sentence is seriously, I didn't practice at all before they filmed it.
Seriously, you should loss your weight.
I sometimes get inti trouble because people take my jokes seriously.
As far as I know, these are the oldest Egyptian inheritage that has been discovered.


Today’s lesson is the text book, 'Touchstone' unit9 'Check point', unit10 'Keeping in touch'.

1.today's chips
(1)Check point
I mean.. ちなみに
turn around.. 振り向く
Where do you think he lives?
run the bath.. fill up the bath
have an eye for color.. 見る目がある
(2) Keeping in toutch
get jet lag..時差ぼけ
video call.. ビデオ電話
There is nothing worse than spam in your inbox …迷惑メールより最悪なものはない

2. Here is a talk from ラジオ英会話

Topic are expression of place, exlpanation is behind, relative pronoun, to infinitive.

story is a daughter and her father are talking about her parent's meeting.
a Dad, can I ask you a funny question ?
b It depends on how funny it is. Go ahead, Roxy.
a How did you meet Mom?
b Goodness, that's so long ago. I met her at a flea market in Yoyogi park.
a Really? How did you start talking to her?
b We were both looking at the same old pots, I think. Wait, they were paella pans.
a Oh, so that's when you started making paella?
b Yes, I think so.
key sentence is I met her at a flea market in Yoyogi Park.
We worked at the same company.
We worked at the same company in Chicago.
I live in an apartment overlooking the beautiful lake not far from Boston

Story is 2 persons are talking about a UFO.
a Deena, look up at the sky. Isn't that a UFO? It's not an air plane.
b Are you kidding?
a Quick! Record it on your phone.
b Good idea. I've never seen anything move
like that before.
a Wait a minute. I know what it is. I think it's a drone.
b I think you are right. Someone is trying to fool us.
a It's very easy to make something resembling a UFO these days with our technology.
b That's true.
key sentence is I think you are right.
Do you know Tom got married?
I'm sorry I hurt your feeling.
My teacher told me I need to take my studies much more seriously.

Story is a couple are talking about studying abroad.
a Douge, I'm not sure what I should do now.
b What do you mean?
a I'm thinking perhaps I should stay in Japan.
b But you've been accepted to Columbia. It's an excellent opportunity.
a I know, but I don't want leave you behind.
b I always visit you in the States.
a But we'll be apart for a long time.
b You can't give up your dream, Shiho. You don't want to do something you'll regret later.
key sentence is you can't give up your dream, Shiho. You don't do something you'll regret later.
Nobody I know is here tonight.
Anyone she meets falls in love to her.
One watersport I 'd love to definitely try is kitesurfing.

Story is Professor Peacock and Jessica are talking about Professor Hawking.
a What are you reading, Jessica?
b It's a book by Stephen Hawking.
a Oh, Hauking? I met him once long time ago.
Interesting fellow.
b Really? You actually met Professor Hawking?
a Yes, this was when I was in univrsity. I was living in Brighton. I went to London to do research and he was giving a lecture.
b That's amazing. Hawking changed the way we look at the universe.
a Yes, he certainly was a genius.
key sentence is I went to London to do research and he was giving a lecture.
I joined the drama club to find a girlfriend.
I listen to the Radio Eikaiwa every morning to improve my English.
My brother spent 3 months at a top level restaurant in Paris to expand his cooking skills.