Online English Conversation lesson by skype(20221224)

1 Specialists in fireworks include  explosive chemicals  to create special effect.

2 Fireworks are made by putting all materials in a  shell.

3 Fireworks were invented by the  Chinese.  

4 The first firework created a loud  bang .

5 Fireworks appeared in Europe by the 13th century.

6 The rocket firework launches high into the air and explodes a certain height.

7 The long tube fireworks are called Roman candles .

8  Magnesium   is used to create a bright white light.


The original fireworks were made from gumpowder火薬 which is a mixture of ingredients including saltpeter sulfur 硝石硫黄 and chocoal炭. Today experts at handling explosives爆発物 called pyrotechnicians花火職人 add chemicals for special effects.

There are many different kinds of fireworks but they`re all made in a similar way. The ingredients are placed in a shell.  It is then wrapped up and a fusesヒューズ added in factories where fireworks are made safety precautions are used to make sure a single static electric shock does not create an explosion. Fireworks have been first made by the chinese. A chinese document dated about 1040AD showed how to wrap gunpowder in paper to make a fire pill. This small firecracker made a very loud bang which was thought to ward,guard, evil spirits by 13the century. Fireworks had made their way to Europe where their popularity grew. By the 1500s fireworks were used in celebrations and special events. The Italians were the masters of fireworks by the 17th century. There are number of different types of fireworks these days and each of them works in a particular way. The rocket firework has a substance which explodes and shoots the fireworks in the air. When the rocket reaches a paticular height, another spark causes it to blow up releasing fine metal powder into thd air.

Roman candles are long tubes which shoot balls of chemicals from one end creating a series of flaming stars. Fountains are cone-shaped and small hole allows gases to escape shooting colored spark into the air.

Magnesium gives off a bright white light other ingredients give off different types of light when they become hot  which is how color are created.